I have been teaching in Catholic schools for eleven years as a music, resource, and most recently, an 8th grade language arts teacher. I am also a wife, and the mom to the Three Little Brothers (TLB), who are five and under. I didn’t plan to become an ELA teacher, but am so grateful this is my current place in life.

I was inspired to call this site “The English Teachers’ Lounge” because it always feels like the teachers’ lounge is a good place to talk about a little of everything — lessons plans, what worked, what didn’t work, what kid you’re worried about or proud of, what’s going on with the copy machine today?! Then there’s also our own significant others, kids, and houses, where to get haircuts, what food to eat…hopes, dreams, future plans!

Some things I love about ELA:

  • The sweat, tears, and pride that go into writing
  • Unusual and/or whimsical words such as “rescue chip” and “periwinkle”
  • Words in general
  • Deep discussions about literature
  • The smell of books and school supplies
  • A colorful pen collection
  • Liking the book better than the movie
  • Getting into a book and forgetting where you are
  • Lists

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