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Confessions of a Teacher during Standardized Testing Week

Confessions of a Teacher during


  1. I spelled my name incorrectly on the Class Identification Sheet. (Obviously, I caught it, though.)
  2. Someone left a bag of hard candy in my room, and I took some and ate them.
  3. I started reading directions out of a student booklet before catching myself.
  4. Every time I ask the students “Does anyone have any questions?”, I want to wait for a split second, then yell “Don’t care!” and throw my booklet down.
  5. I seriously had to think about the answers to the following items before I wrote them on the Class Identification Sheet:
  • My school
  • The city of my school
  • What day it is (I never know what day it is, though)
  1. I had to ask someone from the office to cover my class because I drank way too much coffee, and knew in my heart I could not wait to use the restroom for another hour.
  2. Someone said, “It’s our last test ever!” and I laughed pityingly at her.
  3. I’ve looked around the room when students have had snacks out, and asked myself, if I had to confiscate one so I could eat it, what would it be? (Answer: goldfish crackers)
  4. Every year, I think I’m going to get so much done. Every year, I AM WRONG. I don’t know where the time goes. What am I doing?
  5. This one I’m actually proud of — I forgot to write the ending time of a test down, and stared at the clock in despair until I remembered I had sent out a quick email as soon as I sat down. I looked at the time stamp, and was able to figure out the exact minute we started after all!
  6. I’ve been talking in a British accent to the kids to amuse myself.

What are things that have happened to you or that you’ve done during Testing Weeks?

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  1. i booked a hotel for next summer in the great smoky mountains, reread Wringer for my book club, made new spread sheets for chaperones and for speech. I had a good week#! I also conducted a scientific study that proves mint wrappers reproduce on their own all over my classroom! Have a great weekend, Bobbie

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